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What we measure?

• Feed, Product & Reject flow (m³/day)

• Membrane In/Out Pressure (bar)

• Power Consumption (kwh/m³)

• Salinity Measurement (ppm)

• Pump In/Out Pressure (bar)

• Motor efficiency (%)

• Pump efficiency (%)

• VFD efficiency (%)

Customized to Your Preferences

AutoBrand offers complete solutions for customers in order to serve their various needs, this is how we ensure that each and every product is working as if it was specially designed. We tailor a special solutions to match our customer’s needs.

Quality of Consulting

  Our leading reputation has been built on a number of essential attributes, including:

  1. Technical know-how

  2. Recognized and proven subject matter expertise.

  3. Ability to adapt, manage work situations and achieve prompt response to achieve the best results, complete projects on time and within budget.

Looking for a reliable contractor with extensive experience for your next project? At AutoBrand, we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs.

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Technical Support

  AutoBrand employees are all up to date with variable specifications, standards and available options worldwide in order to fit with clients requirements and satisfy their needs.

When you’re looking for top quality work, AutoBrand is here to help. Our contracting professionals are available to provide a wide range of customizable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations.

Customer Service

  We provide our clients with a high quality service, meeting international standards to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and highest levels of reliability & availability of our managed plants.

Innovative Approach

AutoBrand unique approach of combining the development of skills and knowledge, application of behavioral based safety principles is what achieves real results and enables our clients to satisfy their aims in a professional way.


Innovative and high quality services

1. On demand data management

2. Technical consultation

3. Assist our clients with a timely and cost-effective service

4. Engineering Research and Development Center

5. Troubleshooting of most sophisticated failures.

Integrated Approach

AutoBrand developed an integral approach towards safety on site that recognizes a sustainable improvement which requires far more than traditional strategies.

What we provide?

Design & Optimization of conventional RO desalination plants

Proven Performance 

One of AutoBrand’s prominent features is the ambition to supply high quality products and services. Proof of our dedication and efforts to accomplish this goal, is the reorganization of the importance of standards and work with its specifications.

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